Iced Jems has a fantastic range of products available for wholesale, if you have an online or bricks and mortar store, or you are a wholesaler, simply fill in the form below. We currently offer the following lines wholesale, with a minimum order value of just £100 + VAT. There is free shipping on all wholesale orders.

  • Large Fondant Rolling Mats (in packs or 10 or 50)
  • Extra Large Fondant Rolling Mat (in packs of 10 or 25)
  • Cranked Palette Knife (packs of 10)
  • Sharp Edge Smoothers (packs of 10)
  • Cake Scrapers Set of 3 (packs of 10)
  • Popsicle Moulds (packs of 10)
  • Piping Bag and Nozzle Stands (packs of 10)
  • Piping Nozzles (packs of 10)
  • Cake Toppers (packs of 20)

Should you be successful in your application, we will setup your wholesale account and send you an order form and pricelist. All wholesale orders are on a proforma basis and will be shipped using our Express Courier DHL UK. We currently only offer wholesale within the UK.

Our wholesale Terms & Conditions can be found here. By submitting the below form, you are agreeing to these terms.