Pink Cake Decorating & Modelling Tools Set

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Product Description

An 8 Piece Cake Decorating / Sugarcraft Tool Set – with 16 different tools.

This handy tool set will enable you to easily replicate some of the best Sugarcraft techniques!


Bone tool – ideal for thinning and smoothing edges of paste

Shell & Blade Tool – The shell is a really useful tool for embossing shell patterns and borders, great for the edges of cake boards. The blade tool is for cutting paste without marking the work surface.

Ball Tool – An essential tool for flower modelling, used to cup and shape leaves, petals and frills.

Scallop Tool – Used to create features e.g. a smiling or sad mouth, ears, eyebrows etc.  Comb Tool – The comb end is ideal for marking & embossing.

Serrated & Tapered Cone Tool – Used to indent or emboss into paste to create a cone shaped hollow. Ideal for making flowers.

Tapered Cones 5/6 Star Tool – Used as a simple star embosser. Also ideal for creating centres of 5 or 6 petal flowers.

Bulbulous Cone Tool – An extremely versatile tool that can be used to hollow and emboss a variety of shapes. Can be used as a frilling tool.

Flower/Leaf Shaper Tool – Also known as a Dresden Tool.  Used for veining leaves and flowers.


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