Large Fondant Rolling Mats


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Product Description

A set of 2 food safe non-stick icing mats, with a printed sizing guide for icing all included! Ice away with full confidence, using the mat for icing 15cm (6″) to 48cm (19″) sized cakes. Simply place your icing onto the plain mat and place the sizing guide on top to roll out your icing to the size you need!

Size: Both Mats are 50cm x 50cm

How to use!


Step 1: Roll your Sugarpaste / Fondant in-between the 2 non stick mats. No cornflour, release spray or icing sugar required.

Step 2: Peel away the top mats with the guides revealing a lovely smooth icing. Pick up the bottom mat with the icing still on it, and place it face down onto your cake.

Step 3: Peel away the bottom mat leaving a silky smooth icing draping your cake.

Step 4: Smooth around your cake as normal.

Watch our video showing how to use them here:

5.00 out of 5

reviews for Large Fondant Rolling Mats

  1. Charlotte

    My Fiancé bought me one of these for Christmas. I was pretty nervous about using it but shouldn’t have been.
    Just use a slightly damp work surface to ensure the bottom mat sticks, and roll.
    I loved the way this was totally mess free, no corn flour needed. And I could pick up all of my icing on the top may, without it stretching or tearing.
    The only downsides are that it takes a bit of force to roll the icing between the mats. And I couldn’t roll the icing as thin as I usually could. But I’m hoping I get better with practice.
    Well worth buying if you hate the mess of rolling fondant.

  2. Susan Wilkie (verified owner)

    Love this,so easy to use ,no more sugar paste sticking to your work top in hot weather,not have to use cornflour,drying it out wish had this year’s ago thank you

  3. Sue (verified owner)

    This is a game changer and worth every penny! Especially when trying to roll fondant on a hot and humid day!
    I dampen my work surface slightly so that the bottom mat sticks to it and doesn’t move and I still add a bit of cornflour to both mats and my fondant which really helps. The measurement guides are really useful too.
    Once the fondant is rolled out to the right size, I flip the whole thing over, gently remove the bottom mat then drape it over my arm and cover my cake, then carefully remove the top mat. So much easier then trying to lift fondant over a rolling pin!
    It’s also a good workout for your arms when rolling a large amount of fondant!

  4. lpassingham88 (verified owner)

    I recently order these mats and can 100% say i will be ordering from iced jems again, there service was great and fast delivery and the mat have made a huge differnce in my skills at cake decorating. I am a beginner at cake decorating and have always found the icing part the most stressful and difficult part it would normally bring me to tears and tantrums like a 2year old but ive just used these mats for first time and there were no tears I just rolled out the icing without it sticking to the work surface and then lifted in all onto the cake without it then splitting curling or stick to its self. Absolutely fantastic product and i cant wait to do my next cake. Just need to find an excuse to purchase more products from iced jems to add to my growing collecting.

  5. Michele Richards (verified owner)

    These mats are absolutely fantastic. I iced my son’s birthday cake in half the time it usually takes, the icing went on so easily. The size guides are great too. No mess and beautifully smooth icing.

  6. clarelsmith (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Just used it for my first two tiered wedding cake.
    Easy to use no tearing or swearing from the user. Its so easy to use.
    Have sung it’s prasies on on online baking forum. Think you may have some international orders very soon.
    Can not recommend this product enough. Buy it and make you life easy

  7. Danni Rogers

    Before I bought this mat, I never knew how much to roll out for a cake and I always got the fondant stuck to the rolling pin. This mat is so easy to store away, quick to wash and so useful with rolling out any fondant or pastry! My favourite baking tool!

  8. Jean

    Absolutely love this mat I’m a hobby bake and do struggle sometimes with smoothnes ,have read about these,and decided to put it to the test amazing total game changer .wish I had purchased sooner

  9. Jen

    I’ve had my mat nearly a year and it’s amazing, especially when it’s extremely hot in & out. I’ve told so many cake mates about them & I’m getting the xl one for Christmas…happy days

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