Extra Large Fondant Rolling Mats


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Product Description

A set of 2 food safe non-stick icing mats, with a printed sizing guide for icing all included! Ice away with full confidence, simply place your icing onto the plain mat and place the sizing guide on top to roll out your icing to the size you need!

No need to balance your icing over a rolling pin before placing onto your cakes, just use the base mat!

Size: Both Mats are 77cm x 77cm (30″ x 30″)

OUTSIDE OF THE UK: Unfortunately due to postage length restrictions we are unable to send this product outside of the UK currently. If you order this from outside of the UK you will be refunded. If you purchase this outside of the UK and we have to refund you, you will be charged a refund administration fee to cover Paypal fees.

How to use!


Step 1: Roll your Sugarpaste / Fondant in-between the 2 non stick mats. No cornflour, release spray or icing sugar required.

Step 2: Peel away the top mats with the guides revealing a lovely smooth icing. Pick up the bottom mat with the icing still on it, and place it face down onto your cake.

Step 3: Peel away the bottom mat leaving a silky smooth icing draping your cake.

Step 4: Smooth around your cake as normal.

Watch our video showing how to use them here: https://youtu.be/xMdY015RFp8

5.00 out of 5

review for Extra Large Fondant Rolling Mats

  1. Gemma

    Oh my word, this is amazing. I cannot believe how effective this tool is. How have I managed the past 7 years without this? Amazing! Worth the money, reduced my stress levels when icing cakes!

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