Cake Leveller 18″


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Product Description

The perfect way to get you cakes perfectly flat on top and for cutting into even layers!

This 18″ cake leveller makes cutting cakes easy, simply hold the leveller at the top and hold down against a flat surface, then cut through your cake slowly using a saw like motion until you have cut into even layers.

Adjust the height of the cutting wire by gently squeezing the sides in and moving the wire up and down on the ridges on the sides of the leveller.

5.00 out of 5

review for Cake Leveller 18″

  1. Danni Rogers

    I always used to cut my cakes with a knife and just by guessing.. and they came out so wonky! I am so pleased I now have this! I love that you can change the height and and always have perfectly sized cake layers!

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