What is the Iced Jems Loyalty Scheme?

The Iced Jems Loyalty Scheme rewards you for shopping with us. When you’ve got enough points you can treat yourself to anything from our online store!

To collect and use points, simply login to your Iced Jems Account (or create a new one if you don’t already have one) and points are applied to your account at checkout! Click Here to Login or Sign Up!

2 points for every £1

Collect 2 points for every £1  you spend on any product or class online (rounded up to the nearest £1). 1 Point equals 1p, with 2 Points awarded on every £1 spent, you’ll build them up in no time!

Bonus Points

Collect Bonus Points by taking part in our special events, buying special products or reviewing purchases.

50 Points for Reviewing your First Product – Login to your account and review a product as a verified purchaser and you will  receive 50 bonus points in your account once your review is verified! Please note, we can only allow one product review per customer and only one 50 points bonus per customer.

50 Points for Opening an Account – If you’re new to Iced Jems, or have previously checked out as a Guest, setup an account today for 50 bonus points to be automatically applied to your account!

Special Events and Coupons – Occasionally we hold special “Double Points” Events and send out Coupons for Bonus Points, keeps your eyes peeled for these events!

Special Products – Occasionally we add Bonus Points to certain products, meaning you get more than the 2 Points per £1 spent on these items. The products will be advertised online clearly.


Can points be earned when checking out as a Guest? No, because points must be awarded to an account (logged-in user). Make sure you sign up or sign into an account before checking out.

How can I keep track of how many points I have? If you click onto the “My Account” Page when logged in, you will see a total of your points, along with a running history of any points added or deducted.

How do I spend my points? If you are logged into your account, on the checkout page there will be a little box above your basket showing how many points you have and asking if you would like to redeem them against your order.

Terms & Conditions

The Iced Jems Loyalty Points Scheme and benefits are operated by Iced Jems Limited, Dudley Road, West Midlands, DY9 8DU. Registered in England & Wales, company No.07254839. Iced Jems can cancel, withdraw or alter the scheme at any time, including these terms and conditions. The Iced Jems Loyalty Points Scheme is only valid at IcedJemsShop.com and not in store. Iced Jems can take any action it considers appropriate, including removing or suspending an Iced Jems Account and points accrued if we have reason to believe you are abusing the scheme. Loyalty points must be used within 12 months. To benefit from the Iced Jems Loyalty Points Scheme you must be aged 13 years or over. One point is worth one penny to spend at www.IcedJemsShop.com. We will not exchange Iced Jems Loyalty Points for cash and the offer is non-transferable.